Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Peculiar. Posterous keeps telling me "Congratulations on your second post! Now wasn't that easy? " for each new email post. 

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

AutoCAD Inventor

AutoCAD Inventor is absolutely an amazing software, I'm not just saying this because I sell the software, services, training, ect., please read this if you have any further questions: http://ellipsis-autodesk.typepad.com/blog/2010/08/autodesk-inventor-vs-dassault-solidworks.html

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Machine specs for Autocad 2011

Here is probably the best tower based workstation for graphics. (All options maxed out)


Here is probably the best laptop workstation available (All options maxed out)


Personally I hate the typical proprietary system with garbage OEM parts that don't even come close to standing up to the original item. (ie a Raptor made by Western Digital is still better than the same hard drive made by Dell. A stick of decent high speed over clockable ram with a decent latency from corsair will always out perform the HP OEM equivalent. The video cards from BFG and EVGA will always trash the cards from DELL and HP. Don't be suckered into a sticker price because all that glitters isn't necessarily gold. When you apply this idea to every part that makes up your terminal there is no way a proprietary workstation other than what I have listed above can even touch a custom system in performance. I would also like to add the systems i listed above are not normal.

Finally the specifications you may typically read for a requirement to run software is rarely ever accurate. Here is why:

* Every operating system has services that need to be run and these services differ from one customer to the next.

* Software manufacturers are only taking into account of running the bare minimum services of an operating system just to run their software. This is a bare minimum not a normal session or heavy use. This does not account for all of those lovely applications running in the background like anti virus scanners, fire walls, email applications, office applications or databases all running in the background while doing all of this. In today's world if you want your employees to take on multiple roles and tasks they need the hardware to do it.

* I can go on but this is already getting old, so to put it short everything is built for a purpose. Just like you don't try to rally race with a school bus or pick up a full bus load of kids in a world rally race car. You should not expect stellar performances out of a system that barely meets the minimum requirements in quality or specs for any software your company must productive with.

* It's also easy to spew out things like oh it's 6GB of ram. This does not denote the speed or the latency of the ram. The same holds true of the graphics cards, the processors, and every piece of hardware that the system is comprised of.

If you would like something done right that will last and keep performing with minimal hang ups you will be spending at minimum $5,000 easy. If you're looking for something that will take on considerably more then expect to spend more. Computers are a lot like race cars when it comes to speed. Your performance and speed are proportional to the money you put into the system itself. When you cut corners or value engineer a system, it will take away the performance and produce more bottle necks. These bottlenecks produce lock ups, crashes, and slow performance which all leave the employee being paid to pick their nose while waiting for the computer to stop being overloaded so it's functional again.

So the real question is does your employer want to pay employees to pick their noses while they wait on a computer and turning projects in late just to save a couple thousand dollars in hardware? Everything adds up. Every mouse movement, mouse click, keystroke, system dump, system overload, system lock up and time to get back where the person was prior to these events. Is it worth building the system right the first time?

In my professional opinion you should get a professional like myself to do it if you are not thoroughly sure on what you are doing. If you would like me to build some systems for you or spec them out I will be more than happy to provide those services for you and your company.

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Another blog post about 3D models

Here's a blogger that writes ONLY about selling 3D models for download.

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