Friday, February 25, 2011

Sniper Rifle CheyTac M200 Intervention by 3dJewel

You can download Rhinoceros (*.3dm) files of Sniper Rifle CheyTac M200 Intervention 3D model from Direct link to the 3D model: Exchange3D media store More details: CheyTac® Long Range Rifle System The basis of the CHEYTAC® Long Range Rifle System is the CheyTac® INTERVENTION™ rifle and the CheyTac® Cartridge, a proprietary cartridge developed by the company. In testing, the system has proven to be capable of soft target interdiction to ranges of 2500 yards. While conceived as simply a rifle – the CheyTac® INTERVENTION™ has developed into a total system package. CheyTac® system consists of the following sub-components: 1. C heyTac ® INTERVENTION™: The Rifle The CheyTac® INTERVENTION™ is a 7 shot repeating, takedown rifle system. The barrel is removable and replaceable by the operator. In fact, the entire rifle is maintainable at the operator level – including complete tear down. Spare barrels can be maintained at the unit level and replacement can be made in the field, allowing for special barrel design and shorter barrels. The takedown capabilities provides the only safe rifle which supports all methods of infiltration; including military free-fall, static line, small boat, dive lockout as well as all other forms of infiltration. "Information Paper: CheyTac® INTERVENTION™ System" Without the mechanism, only appearance. Did on photos, and though very much tried, there can be any insignificant discrepancies. Originally modelled in Rhino 4. Final images rendered Fryrender. Materials are from Fryrender.Path for textures and materials - C:feversoft.fryrender.materials.CheyTac 3ds vert:272984 pol:377988 obj vert:272928 pol:377988 lwo: vert:272984 pol:377988 xsi vert:272984 pol:377988 x vert:195465 pol:377988. The model preview:

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