Thursday, March 31, 2011

Human Digestive System by t002

You can download 3DStudio Max 2010 (*.max) files of Human Digestive System 3D model from Direct link to the 3D model: Exchange3D media store More details: A highly realistic model of the Human Digestive System. Model is accurately made from actual photographs and encyclopedia reference with attention to detail. Model collection includes the following major organ systems: • Esophagus • Stomach • Liver • Gallbladder • Pancreas • Large Intestine (Colon) • Small Intestine Model is ready for any type of medical presentation or animation. It is completely UV mapped and includes shown diffuse maps and bump maps. It is further grouped and named for easy selection, animation and modification. Model is available for 3ds Max 2010-2011. However .3ds and .obj can be imported to your preferred 3d application (maps will have to be re-added according to program).. The model preview:

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