Friday, April 29, 2011

Nieuport 17 Lafayette Escadrille by tartino

You can download Cinema4D (*.c4d) files of Nieuport 17 Lafayette Escadrille 3D model from Direct link to the 3D model: Exchange3D media store More details: Nieuport 17 Lafayette Escadrille color scheme with low poly pilot. Cinema4d R10 has materials, textures and lights. Other formats zip files have textures enclosed. Polygons 27272 Vertices 27997 If you like the model please rate it. Pilot enclosed. The pilot is not rigged -it hasn't bones-. The Lafayette Escadrille from the French Escadrille de Lafayette, was a squadron of the French Air Service, the Aéronautique militaire, during World War I composed largely of American volunteer pilots flying fighters. The Nieuport 17 was a French biplane fighter aircraft of World War I, manufactured by the Nieuport company. The type was a slightly larger development of the earlier Nieuport 11, and had a more powerful engine, larger wings, and a more refined structure in general. At first, it was equipped with a 110 hp 82 kW Le Rhône 9J engine, though later versions were upgraded to a 130 hp 97 kW engine. It had outstanding maneuverability, and an excellent rate of climb. Unfortunately, the narrow lower wing, marking it as a "sesquiplane" design with literally "one-and-a-half wings", was weak due to its single spar construction, and had a disconcerting tendency to disintegrate in sustained dives at high speed. Initially, the Nieuport 17 retained the above wing mounted Lewis gun of the "11", but in French service this was soon replaced by a synchronised Vickers gun. In the Royal Flying Corps, the wing mounted Lewis was usually retained, by now on the improved Foster mounting, a curved metal rail which allowed the pilot to bring the gun down in order to change drums or clear jams. A few individual aircraft were fitted with both guns - but in practice this reduced performance unacceptably, and a single machine gun remained standard.. The model preview:

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