Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lamborghini Emblem Collection by SamJigga

You can download 3DStudio Max 2010 (*.max) files of Lamborghini Emblem Collection 3D model from Direct link to the 3D model: Exchange3D media store More details: Lamborghini Front Badge Collection. While doing some research for the Aventador model, I found out the not every Lamborghini model has the same logo, not even those from 1990's and up. So I created this collection of front badges from 1964 till today. -There are 6 badges, 1 bull and one text emblem, all modeled in 3ds Max and all having VRay materials applied with textures and bumpmaps. The FBX and OBJ versions have no materials applied, but can be easily applied after importing into your software, all of them having 1 to 5 materials grouped into one multimaterial. -Models are somehow mid to lowpoly, can have meshsmooth applied and most of them have high-res textures. -All models are scaled to real life scale in mm and are centered. -All models separated in different folder with preview picture included. -No isolated polygons, no coincident vertices or faces, no missing textures. Badge 2011 and up: Polygons 3629 Vertices 3363 Badge 2001 and up: Polygons 3634 Vertices 3363 Badge 1990 and up: Polygons 4525 Vertices 4321 Badge 1986 and up: Polygons 4525 Vertices 4321 Badge 1966 and up: Polygons 1724 Vertices 1322 Badge 1964 and up: Polygons 1724 Vertices 1322 Bull: Polygons 1246 Vertices 716 Text: Polygons 1082 Vertices 1240 Textures have resolutions from 346x362 to 1571x1600. Rendering scenes are not included. Important: If you buy this pack, you can use them comercially, meaning you can sell any one of these models, but not as a pack, not more than one at a time, and included in a max file that must contain another object inside that is the main object (for example you can sell your car with a badge attached to it, or you can sell a table with a lot of objects and one of these badges is one of them, but you cannot sell a badge or more and nothing else).. The model preview:

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