Friday, October 29, 2010

Animated Lava Texture by tronitecgamestudios

You can download $model.originalFormat files of Animated Lava Texture 3D model from Direct link to the 3D model: Exchange3D media store More details: An animated lava texture. Texture map sizes: 128x128, 256x256, and 512x512. Also included with each texture map size is a power of 2 packed square texture containing all the textures used in the animation.

Note: The animation is tileable in all directions and can be looped seamlessly.

Items Included:
- 16 512x512 lava textures in (.jpg)
- 16 256x256 lava textures in (.jpg)
- 16 128x128 lava textures in (.jpg)
- 1 2048x2048 packed square lava texture in (.jpg)
- 1 1024x1024 packed square lava texture in (.jpg)
- 1 512x512 packed square lava texture in (.jpg)

View demo video of animation on YouTube.

Please take a look at my other products by clicking on the 'Browse This Publisher's Products' link at the top of the page.. The model preview:

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