Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fiat Punto Evo Abarth by humster3d

You can download Wavefront Object (OBJ) files of Fiat Punto Evo Abarth 3D model from Direct link to the 3D model: Exchange3D media store More details: Fiat Punto Evo Abarth The sporty new Fiat Punto Evo Abarth also features a new performance mode selection system that modulates engine, braking and steering action to offer a choice of two different driving styles - Sport and Normal - to suit road conditions and driver preference. The mode selector is conveniently located on the central tunnel in front of the gear lever and lets you switch between the two modes quickly and easily, simply by moving a lever. The currently selected mode is displayed on the dashboard. If you are looking for a safe, relaxing drive, all you have to do is select Normal mode, while if you feel the need to enjoy the full performance of your Fiat Punto Evo Abarth, flip the switch to Sport position and thrill to the power! Sport mode makes the car more responsive, using electrical servo systems to modify handling and deliver the ultimate sporting feel. Due attention has also been paid to safety of course, so Sport mode also engages the TTC system automatically. . The model preview:

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